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Minnesota Kayak Company.

Minneapolis’s Premier Kayak Rental & Tour Company. We take great pride in knowing we have one of the friendliest and most experienced teams in the kayak industry. We offer extensive knowledge of local rivers and lakes. Here at Minnesota Kayak Company we believe in work hard and play hard. Luckily for us, they are one in the same. Come join our genuinely enthused staff on a tour!

Our Flagship Tour

The Mississippi Classic is great for staycations, tourists, parties and groups. Great wilderness and urban scenery as well as a convenient location. The kayaking is relaxing and possible for people of all ages. There is nothing like a nice relaxing cruise down the Mississippi to get to know Minneapolis.

What We Provide

We offer kayak lessons, rentals and tours. Our tours can be tailored to any ability or age.  In our group lessons we specialize in giving one on one attention to build individual skills and confidence. We understand that your time is precious, so we offer our clients an exciting adventure that will bring a bit of relaxation, a bit of challenge, and a ton of fun! 

Why Choose Us

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of local waterways, paying attention to factors such as weather, water conditions, and stream flows. We are happy to provide recommendations using that knowledge to keep your party from having a bad trip.

Also, we use only the best equipment so you have the opportunity to be your best! We are committed to using only the finest in boards and boats. Going to trade shows, speaking with industry experts, and staying attuned to new technologies is all in keeping with our desire to provide the premier experience.