Rice Creek

Rice Creek

Rice Creek Tour and Rental


Rice Creek is an easy paddle . We have brought people off all ages down Rice Creek including a 9 year old.

Why Choose the Rice Creek Tour?

This tour offers an easy, intimate creek tour with nice calm waters.

Difficulty: Easy

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Shuttle Transportation: Yes

Tours Available: Yes

Large Group Friendly: Yes

This tour offers an easy, intimate creek tour with nice calm waters.

Rice Creek can vary highly by river flow. Estimate 2 hours.

Long Lake to the Mississippi

We are happy to bring the boats directly to the put in/take out point so all you have to do is show up knowing that you will be delivered back to your cars and you do not have to worry about the boats. 

Want a tour of Rice Creek from one of our knowledgeable guides? We are happy to accomodate, we are always ready for a paddle! Prices are as follows!



Price includes delivery within 15 miles of Minneapolis Metro. Paddle & PFD Provided.


Rice Creek Tour Price:



Scheduling and Availability

We are a small boutique company that offers a premium service at affordable rates. Due to offering a multitude of tours and our excellent customer service we book up often.

How to make a Reservation

Please fill out the form below to begin booking. This form allows us to know if a group might be getting into a sticky situation and to make sure everyone is going to have a fun time.


We at Minnesota Board and Boat look forward to our day on the water with you. We are committed to safety, service, and above all having a great day on are Minnesota waterways!