About Minnesota Kayak Company

About Minnesota Kayak Co.

We are Minnesota’s premier education based paddle sports lesson and tour company.   

We take great pleasure in knowing that we have one of the most experienced teams in the kayak and paddle board industry. We offer excellent customer service and extensive knowledge of our local lakes and rivers. The Minnesota Kayak Company staff is a big family who love to work hard and play hard. 

Andrew Waters

Ex-Pro & White-Water Kayak Lifeguard

Andrew Waters, Ex-professional kayaker and white water kayak lifeguard. Andrew’s original stomping grounds was the rocky mountains. After becoming pro on those rivers, everything in Minnesota is relaxing. Andrew is a source of knowledge for even advanced kayakers. Andrew, even in february is up for a paddle! Contact us today and let’s let Andrew teach you a thing or two!

Favorite Route:

“The Wilderness Scenery followed by the urban views just never gets old. It is just so Peaceful” – Andrew

Matthew Pfeifer

Technology Nerd & Wilderness Enthusiast

Matthew Pfeifers has enjoyed doing things like “Survival Weekend” since he was 13 years old.  Every year he leads a group of people into the Boundary Water’s. He deeply enjoys the outdoors and is confident even when unexpected incidents occur. Formally a lifeguard he is well trained and well-versed kayaker. 

Favorite Route:

“I love the urban twists and turns. There are a few rapids that get me and the Alice in Wonderland shrinking tunnel when the water is high is really fun.” – Matthew