Minnehaha Creek

Minnehaha Creek

Minnehaha Creek Tour and Rental


Described as one of the greatest urban kayaking runs in the United States. Wilderness, long concrete tunnels under highways, immaculate and  venerable backyards of great Twin Cities homes await you. 22 miles from Lake Minnetonka  to the  Mississippi can be done in sections our the whole stretch.    

Why Choose the Minnehaha Creek Tour?

The Minnehaha Creek tour is 22 miles of plain, simple fun. Good for most ages who have experience kayaking. 

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Shuttle Transportation: Yes

Tours Available: Yes

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Minnehaha Creek is a mid difficulty route. There is some current and a few bigger rapids. An experienced kayaker can easily make it through without taking a spill. The not so experienced kayak may roll but not to worry, the shores are always nearby.

The Minnehaha Creek trip can vary depending on the experience of the group but think 2-3 hours.

Utley Park to just before Minnehaha Falls.

We are happy to bring the boats directly to the put in/take out point so all you have to do is show up knowing that you will be delivered back to your cars and you do not have to worry about the boats. 

Want a tour of the Mississippi from one of our knowledgeable guides? We are happy to accomodate, we are always ready for a paddle! Prices are as follows!


Price includes delivery within 15 miles of Minneapolis Metro. Paddle & PFD Provided.


Minnehaha Tour Price:


*Price varies on desired length of trip and time of day.

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