The Kinnickinnic

The Kinnickinnic

The Kinnickinnic Tour and Rental


The Kinnickinnic is the perfect blend of relaxing wilderness and high energy rapids. Located in the heart of a river gorge that leads into the St. Croix. Down in the gorge it feels like it is just you and the river. The video below should give us an idea of the level of the experience.

Why Choose The Kinnickinnic Tour?

The Kinnickinnic is the perfect place to get experience on your first rapids. It is a healthy mix of relaxing and intensity. There are nice sandy beaches to take a break on and eagles everywhere. This route and the Minnehaha are two of the most fun routes we have to offer!

Difficulty: Medium

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Shuttle Transportation: Yes

Tours Available: Yes

Large Group Friendly: Yes

Minnesota Kayak Company’s Sister Company – Kinnikayak.

Minnesota Kayak Co. evolved from Kinnikayak in Wisconsin which Andrew Waters bought after many years in business. Please feel free to book through us but when we arrive to the Kinnickinnic in Wisoncisn, we won’t be arriving with Minnesota Kayak Company boats, they will be Kinnikayaks.

The Kinnickinnic is just plain fun. There is a chance you will tip and go in the water but experienced paddlers should be fine on this route. The rapids can be notable if the water is high but many people fail to navigate them correctly and stay upright. Even then the worst that happens is that you tip and get wet. Highly recommend this route!

This route takes 2-3 hours normally. The end of the route brings your right into a state park with a great sandy beach, great place to run a rental up to 4 hours!

River Falls Wisconsin to the St. Croix River.

We are happy to bring the boats directly to the put in/take out point so all you have to do is show up knowing that you will be delivered back to your cars and you do not have to worry about the boats. 

Want a tour of the Mississippi from one of our knowledgeable guides? We are happy to accomodate, we are always ready for a paddle! Prices are as follows!



Paddle & PFD Provided.


The Kinnickinnic Tour Price:


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